Orderbook Review

Stacks address:{ST154R5GFS7GWQ8H2SCEWQXE6YK36K8DB6GNY5MR4}.

{Only xUSD as an asset on Trading account metrics (cannot switch). Cannot withdraw other than xUSD.
Testnet explorer does not appear to work when clicking on transactions on the Hiro Wallet (404 error)
In trade history orders status is permanently shown as settling.

Liquidity provider fee and slippage tolerance “?” icons on details of swap interface need to be clicked on for information to appear and do not disappear when clicked again; they remain fixed even when you change tokens for swapping.
More friendly UX would be they appear/ disappear as you hover over/ off the “?” icon.
It would be useful to have also Matched Orders and Trades History count (x)
How about pinning in the graph when/where you have placed your orders and when/where they have been settled?

Discord ID: {@GameofChains}
Telegram ID: {N/A}

Thanks for the feedback. We will take it into consideration.