Orderbook test feedback

Hi, I started testing Orderbook and there are some issues that occurred:

  1. Message about mistake in the bottom of the page disappears too quickly – for non-English-speaking users it may be difficult to read it.

  2. Where can I see all testnet funds on my trading account – in one place? I can see separately each token but not all of them in a moment.

  3. I can’t enter limit price that I want – the system shows error message when purchase price is lower than market.

  4. Presentation: I would suggest make the same red color for sales prices as for red bars on the graph. So if use red – always the same red color, the same for green. But this is not critical at all

  5. The transactions are a bit slow

  6. The “Deposit/Withdraw” section is in the right bottom corner – it is more convenient if it is somewhere on the top of the page.

  7. For SWAP: suggest adding percentage scale – 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%

  8. After a transaction is performed (I can see it in Trade hystory), my order is still seen in the Orderbook.

Stacks address: {ST1RD45X3K43CV298MG23R6A778MMZC5QEZVB3Y09}
Discord ID: {nadezhda_cr01#2196}
Telegram ID: {@nadezh_da_na}

I can’t add more screenshots - the system denies for new users

Failed to deposit xBTC. Writes an error. Everything works very slowly, and there are few trading pairs. The interface itself is convenient, everything is in its place. I will continue to test, I hope the team will correct the small flaws identified at the initial stage. Well done guys, let’s further develop DEX.

The orderbook will support limited trading pairs. we will work on small bugs