Platform Feedback

Overall experience was good enough, the bridging speed was quite fast and i was satisfied. But there is one thing, the maximize amount button doesn’t always work, sometimes it doesn’t do anything no matter how many times i clicked on it, and refreshed the web, it’s a bit annoying. The UI needs a bit of improvement like try to redesign the layout for mobile users, current layout feels too big and too “right in your face” kinda vibe. Another thing, try to put transactional history on the profile/address feature, to make it more slick and elegant.


Metamask address: 0xB657BE1ADeE72c3ad3eAc062D54073189ff75648

Mainnet Stack Address: {SP18VBXVZWXA23EXQQQCXRWA1K76A5HC77VZCR25}

Testnet Stack address: {ST18VBXVZWXA23EXQQQCXRWA1K76A5HC745W3T4B}

All tasks has been concluded, from swapping, staking, addition and removal of liquidity, farming and bridging, etc. The platform interface is very smooth, user friendly and wallet connectivity is also top-notch. However I made some observations, and below is my recommendations;

  1. The turn around time (TAT) for transaction processing is unacceptable, it took an hour for the bridging I did to go through and this is unacceptable when compared with industry standards. I will advise the team to work on that and give it the needed attention.

  2. For liquidity addition and removal, I noticed that there was no room for the use percentage to populate volume automatically. This makes it hard for customers who have to go through the stress of calculating and inputting figures manually, which is not always correct. The team should look into this too.

Testnet Stack address: {ST18VBXVZWXA23EXQQQCXRWA1K76A5HC745W3T4B}

Mainnet Stack Address: {SP18VBXVZWXA23EXQQQCXRWA1K76A5HC77VZCR25}

ETH Address: {0xeADa1D5C58697DF6b2b8B1c8B91C981e7d507174}

Discord ID: Notex20#6099

Telegram ID: Notexx20