Proposal for ALEX Labs DAO to Create a STX/WELSH Farm LP

Dear ALEX Labs DAO Community Members,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing on behalf of the Welshcorgicoin ($WELSH) community to propose the creation of a Farm LP for the STX/WELSH token pair. We believe that this collaboration will not only strengthen our projects but also contribute to the overall growth of the Stacks ecosystem.

Background: Welshcorgicoin ($WELSH) is a community-owned memecoin and a symbol of the Stacks ecosystem. Launched with the primary goal of onboarding new users and building new solutions for the ecosystem, the project has shown resilience and commitment to decentralization and transparency. Despite the initial setback during the 2023 bear market, our community has come together and continued to develop the project. Today, $WELSH has no central leadership and is entirely community-run, with a fair distribution of token holdings across its community members.

Proposal: We propose that ALEX Labs DAO create a Farm LP for the STX/WELSH token pair. This collaboration will benefit both our projects in several ways:

  1. Increased liquidity: By combining our resources, we can create a more liquid market for both STX and $WELSH tokens, making it easier for users to trade and interact with our platforms. We’ve found that many users have issues swapping for WELSH until slippage is raised above 12%. This may discourage new users to ALEX, many of which may experiment with WELSH as a first, small purchase.
  2. Mutual growth: The creation of a Farm LP will attract more users to both ALEX Labs DAO and Welshcorgicoin, fostering further growth and development of our projects and the Stacks ecosystem as a whole. The Memecoin community is large, diverse and will draw in new users to the Stacks DeFi ecosystem.
  3. Stronger community engagement: As both projects are community-driven, this collaboration will strengthen the bond between our communities, encouraging more engagement and joint initiatives in the future. We can be noisy and silly so you don’t have to be. bark
  4. Incentivization for users: Providing LP rewards will incentivize users to participate in the Farm LP, thus increasing the user base and boosting the overall ecosystem.

Implementation: Upon approval of this proposal, we suggest the following steps for a smooth implementation of the Farm LP:

  1. Finalize the specific parameters for the STX/WELSH Farm LP, such as reward rates, lock-up periods, and other relevant details.
  2. Collaborate on developing the required smart contracts to ensure secure and efficient functionality.
  3. Jointly promote the STX/WELSH Farm LP through various marketing channels, including social media, blog posts, and community announcements.
  4. Monitor and maintain the Farm LP, providing ongoing support and necessary updates to ensure its success.

We are excited about the potential for a successful collaboration between ALEX Labs DAO and Welshcorgicoin. By working together, we can create a more vibrant and thriving Stacks ecosystem for all. We kindly request that you consider our proposal and share your thoughts or concerns, so we can address them and move forward with this mutually beneficial partnership.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,

Welshcorgicoin Community Member

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