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EVM Sepolia Testnet : {0x021b862960caeBccB9e3180425540edFf47E56e8}

After a few hours of testing and exploration, the following is my feedback as well as some suggestions and errors I found in the platform that I can gather for future platform development consideration. I’ve tried my best although I wish I could provide more than this. But, hopefully this can help!

  1. Interested in adding a few more languages to the platform, I think everyone would like this.
  2. The ‘Connect Wallet’ capital is too small. I think it can still be adjusted to be a bit bigger
  3. Add a light mode feature, this can help users avoid boredom and monotony when lingering on the platform for a long time.
  4. Add Support/Help, so that when users experience problems, they can quickly report them to the team.
  5. Adding a currency feature is also necessary in my opinion.
  6. I think the Max button would be more effective if it was changed to the number buttons 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%.

And here are some display issues I found while exploring:

  • I found a mismatch in the display of the Sepolia name above and below the team can see for themselves that the appearance of the Sepolia name above and below is quite incompatible, where the display above is normal but below I think it is abnormal because the Sepolia name is out of the box that should be.

  • Furthermore, I found that there is an excess of ) in the word (ERC 20) in the Order History, it can be seen that there are two )) the normal thing that should be displayed is (ERC 20) but it is displayed with (ERC 20)), and I hope this needs to be corrected.

  • And the last mistake I found was in the image/logo part of the flash animation in the middle, when I entered quite a lot of numbers, the size of the logo should shrink when I entered a lot of numbers but what I found was that the size of the logo did not shrink and remained like that, this should be improvised again by the team.

Noted: This may apply and will impact mobile users only.

Other than that, I’m going to rate a few things that I like:

  1. Overall I liked the user interface design presented. A straight-to-the-point design like this will help novice users to adapt faster.

  2. I like the color selection and the mix of backgrounds on the platform, it looks dynamic and pretty cool.

  3. And I also like the lightness when I access the website/platform, it’s not heavy and quite smooth, I think this is a plus point that I have to give.

  4. Lastly this is the thing I like the most, which is the moving lightning/flash animation in the middle of this for me is very interesting.

I think this is all from me, maybe in the future I will add some more constructive input and suggestions.

Discord : MH29#7753
Telegram : @birdymaheart

Due to the limitation of uploading images, I am sending a complete screenshot in the reply, thanks.

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