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I want to report on my order book for Buy order STX,ALEX,xBTC/xUSD (matched orders) it is not shown for all my buy order only show xBTC/xUSD orders and also on this page show that xBTC/xUSD has been successfully filled for buy orders but xBTC/xUSD orders still appear in my order book. And my dashboard trade only show Limit order for market or stop limit order is not appear but so far AleX orderbook tesnet running smoothly and for UI is fast.
Stack testnet address

We will check your order details and get back to you.

Market Order and Stop Limit Order havent been implemented. These two features will be roll out on our future updates.

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Oke sir. Thankyou for respon,so hopefully in the future Alex orderbook getting better and better and be the best in the world.