Report bug, Feedback, Suggestion

Hi i’m Awan. Thankyou for give me opportunity to be part of Alex orderbook tester.
Well i want to report a littlebug when i try Alex orderbook tesnet on my trading.

:arrow_right: Report bug : Limit sell order create is failed when i try to make limit sell order for Alex/xUSD. Thankyou

:arrow_right: Feedback : from connecting to hiro wallet and the function all of features is great Like Swap, Buy/sell Limit trade. And i like the interface so comfortable in my eyes with blue black colour thats Cool. And for UI is fast but if could make a more speed up That’s Will better. Thankyou

:arrow_right: Suggestion : please add quick buy / sell on option trade , i mean like market trade. Thankyou

:arrow_right: Stacks address: { ST1WSDW6GVS0H043XHG1WTAWYCWW9D76P3Y9CVP2 }

We will have market trade function in our upcoming updates. Thanks for your feedback