Reproducing automatically cancelled orders

When sending many market orders shortly after eachother we learned that some will appear as cancelled (automatically). Examples in this thread: Market Price orders - effectiveness of execution (observation) - update 30.09

You can reproduce this issue and I perhaps there is a relation. Do the following.

Make transactions but do not sign yet. Numbers in red represent the amount of ALEX being swapped.

Then sign them all 100% failed

Is it just failing because the timestamp becomes invalid? I waited to long. How much time does a user have?

I think if that is the reason for the failed transaction it should be noted on the failed transaction. Now it looks the same as a manually cancelled transaction.

are there other reasons for failing automatically like this? can we add notes about that too?


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Thanks Werner.btc for the additional interesting analysis of this test case :+1:
An extreme situation, but possible.
Especially if ‘stop loss’ orders appear one day.
In this case, the effectiveness of the order placement is the key point :thinking:

Hi, Werner, you can directly post this question in the ALEX community management group