Settling Balance Delay is very Long

Stacks address : ST2VGDE21YSVB0NM57G6S1RAA4BV0HQVR9FG19DCS
Descriptions : When my trade is already matched the order, im waiting too long for settling balance. Hope it will improve for further update. And user can enjoy using ALEX Orderbook because it have good speed for transaction, easy to use, simple UI and fast load for the website.
Screenshot :

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Telegram ID : YaJiHye


The balance would be refreshed when the trade is settled. You can check the Trade History for trade details. If the status is still settling, you need to wait until the settling is complete.
The settlement duration are depending on the blockchain duration of the STACKS chain, where we will launch a function named “pre-settlement” to optimize this user experience.