Site performance and UI suggestions

After trying to test all of the features on Alex Orderbook, here is my feedback :

1.All the functionality is working properly.

2.The transaction is running smoothly, but there is some delay for the asset that i already buy and filled on order to appearing balance on sell tab. It takes around 15 minutes.
For example : xBTC/xUSD
I buy, 0.1 xBTC with 10.000 xUSD. When the order is filled and success. My xUSD balance is reduced by 10.000 xUSD instantly. But, my xBTC balance is not showing up the balances for several minutes.

You need to optimize this for better User Experience.

3.The UI is cool and elegant. But, might you can add some more elements like chart, alert, currency type, etc.

The rest is impressive, excellent work.

Testnet address :

Mainnet address :

The balance would be refreshed when the trade is settled. You can check the Trade History for trade details. If the status is still settling, you need to wait until the settling is complete.
Thanks for your feedback