Slow transaction at bridge

For all i thinks good but i find a slow transaction at bridge usdt - susdt…
Its need a more time to unwrap…

Just hope…this issue will be fix as soon as possible…

My eth address : 0x9aF1F203E5a4b15686bB0d3BC3aF5c00D5A59C6b

My stx mainnet : SP2EBY5B3HR3VWET0354PS1B15V4FFATMWR709RS5

My stx testnet address : { ST2EBY5B3HR3VWET0354PS1B15V4FFATMWTW3MZQ5 }


Yes that’s correct there have to see on this matter

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Just hope mate…they will fix this issue

i also experienced this everything else was great

I like this project bridge use vey smooth but bridge delay is 10 minutes to 30 minutes but. i this this later 1 minute to 5 minutes :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I’ve been waiting for what was instructed on the web for about 10-30 minutes for the balance to enter but until now it hasn’t entered

Address stx test: ST25JMH5W4MD77QC7S9GSMXFGWDFGMZ8605SWK6X

Address eth sepolia: 0x95360f29Ea68863297A9ecA84035A4D3a5033131

The bridge test between Stack and sepolia was very slow, over 10-12hrs

Stack : ST1G51SVKCE5FX62S4AJT3F9Z5FM6VCEB3W956571

Sepolia: 0x24224c73ABD1eE1E39f41359968C5140bEc8de34

The bridge of token from Stackschain
to Sepolia is quite slow, and also, history data takes time to be uploaded

Stack test address: { ST1JFB07JRQCBXR0X381GQYPHACA75ZQPA49HN8FC }