Stack Bridge - problem with transaction In progress and inconsistent balance

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Further to Werner’s submission (Bridge some transactions became unsigned), I am writing about the related (most likely) problem of balance inconsistency.
Yesterday, starting my tests, on the Hiro wallet I had 10000 wrapped-usd
I made a dozen transactions and in Hiro I have 9,298.6 wUS and in Metamask I have 400.198USDC
Adding up both balances it is 9,698.798 wUSD
There is a shortfall of $301.2020 not including commissions.

I think the reason could be that some of the trades remain in ‘In Progress’ status.
But they cannot be easily confirmed, especially when it comes to wrapping from xUSD to USDC (as Werner mentions)

Interestingly, they all have today’s date, i.e. 20.10.2022, and the same time, i.e. 9:45 a.m.
It looks like the same order repeated several times…

I would also add that my first transaction today was at 10:55 a.m., so those earlier ones must have originally been placed yesterday, I think…

Certainly some of the funds are missing. Hence my notification.

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