Stacks Bridge: Long order processing time and strange amount of funds - bug

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Over 5 hours ago, I wrapped 9,298.6 xUSD to ~9,280.0028 USDC via Stacks Bridge.
In ‘Order History’, the operation had a status of ‘Succeeded’ for ‘xUSD sending’ as well as ‘Wrapping’ for a long time. At that time the ‘USDC sent’ step had no status at all, after a few minutes the status ‘in progress’ appeared.
And the sent funds were not on Metamask

At the time of describing this error (i.e. more than 5 hours after the order was placed), this third stage of ‘USDC sent’ also changed status to ‘Succeeded’ and USDC appeared on the wallet, but some strange amount of 83920.2232USDC

In ‘Order History’ the same operation appears 8x.
I wonder why?
Has the transaction been split?

And where did this amount of 83920.2232USDC come from, instead of the ~$9,280.0028 USDC presented when the order was placed?

Could the lack of status for the third stage of the operation, i.e. ‘USDC sent’, have been influenced by the fact that the computer was switched off about 30 minutes after the order was placed?

Browser: Firefox 106.0 (ver)


Goerli Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

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I also have this wrong amount of USDC transferred to my wallet


What is the contract of testnet USDC?

Have to import it my MM as it is not showing up


This is it :+1:


TY Man
Will try it vout


I just bridged now, hoping to get a good stash also to play around with.

Will keep you updated if I experience same.


Thanks & good luck :+1:

How about adding a link to the Stacks Bridge UI to add the USDC token address to MetaMask. If this is possible it will be a good UX idea in my opinion

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Hi @solibie

I think it’s a good idea :thinking:
Especially since it’s new for people who haven’t used Metamask before.

Please maybe make a separate submission here with a suggestion that when wrapping, the option to add the USDC token to Metamask should appear. Some smart contracts in the Cronos ecosystem, for example, have this option automatically :slight_smile:
It makes life a lot easier, especially when you add a liquidity pool.
I’m not sure if such a solution can be implemented here, but it’s worth reporting :+1:
I think so.

Or as you write, as a last resort a simple link about it on would also suffice as a help :+1:

Good luck :slight_smile:


Still waiting…

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I am still waiting for this to be processed and cannot test any further.

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