Statistics of the highest and lowest price from 24h - not working

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It seems that the statistics showing the highest and lowest price in the last 24 hours are not working.
My latest trades at $0.85 as the highest and $0.25 as the lowest, are not showing in this statistic at the top of the screen.

Browser: Google Chrome: 105.0.5195.54 ver.


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It looks like the 24-hour statistics are still not working properly.
Here is the view from today:

After an executed order to buy STX at 0.19, that is at a lower price than the bar at the top “24h Low” 0.25 shows.
Unfortunately, this was not included there.
It also appears that the system is miscalculating the difference in price change.
The difference between ‘24h High’ 30 and ‘24h Low’ 0.25 is not, as Odrerbook shows, 0.005 (1.38%), but much, much more… (i.e. 29.75)

Thanks for the feedback. We will look into the details.

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