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I wonder why this Stop Limit buy order from yesterday (15th day of November) was not triggered?
It seems that in between the 24-hour price low was at 15,310. While in the order the price of its activation should have been at 15,550. If I understand it correctly.
However, this did not happen. The order is still waiting as ‘Open order’

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@fiftyeightandeight , @Cryptonian could you take a look at this, please?
Thank you.

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Hi @mike_bear_1 I see that that particular order is now cancelled. Would you know if it got cancelled automatically, or you cancelled it manually?

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I removed them manually today.
And I decided to watch them from scratch.
But I have not yet introduced new ones.
I have a bit of a busy day today.
But I will still introduce new ones soon.

BTW trying to understand in practice how it works.
And whether actually the order will work at the right time.
This is crucial for this function, I think.