Suggestion and Feedback in alextest

My limit order has been executed but the balance has not changed, I have to refresh the page first so that my balance changes. This means that the balance is not updated on time or is less responsive. (
see the picture below)

the settling process is processed for quite a long time, I don’t understand, this delay occurs because of the influence of the blockchain or something. but I think this should be fixed, this is in the process by Alex’s lab, right? Isn’t wallet approval only for transaction signatures? correct me if i’m wrong

and also there is one more thing that makes me wonder, the balance in my “trading account” wallet is still there, but why can’t I make a transaction with the statement “user balance not enough”. I don’t know what’s wrong, see the description in the picture below


Settling needs confirmation from Stacks Layer1 Chain, hence it takes time, and we will optimize the process.
The second screenshot is a decimal issue, we have fixed it.

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I heard that some people get some rewards from some great feedback, am I one of them?

Details on the rewards levels can be found here: Orderbook Testnet Rewards. On October 9, Stage 1 of the Orderbook… | by alexGo.btc | ALEX DeFi | Medium

Details: ALEX Incentivized Testnet Rewards - Google Sheets

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