Suggestion,Feedback And Little Bug

For the bridge from Starkchain sUSDT to Sepolia USDT, in my opinion, the transaction speed is still very slow, I checked for more than 1 hour until the transaction was successful.
So please fix it.
For The Web UI looks good but it’s still hard to run, so it needs to be improved a little so it’s lighter and more comfortable to use.

For this Explore section, I found a slight error, so my transaction was successful but in Explore it’s still loading pending. Maybe a slight display error.

Testnet Stacks address:{ST3GSTP5JK47FMV90XTS8FM2394QAA57RDSY7CECM}
Mainnet Stacks address:{SP3GSTP5JK47FMV90XTS8FM2394QAA57RDSY2152Z}