Suggestion/ideas :

  1. Add support for multiple languages for users in other countries “Other cryptocurrency users prefer to use their own language and have difficulty with English.”
  2. Include a connection status "To let the user know instantly if their connection is fast or slow "Common difficulty faced by users who have a slow connection
  3. Integrate Bot-Based Customer Service “For Users to Have a Guide, Particularly New Users Who Do Not Know Much Alex LAb”
  4. Integrate contact features "If the user is unable to discover a solution to their issue using the bot features, it is preferable to incorporate contact capabilities so that they can send a message about their worries.
  5. I would like to request that the team provide a percent button that allows users to select 25 %, 50 percent, 75 %, and 100 % directly from the button. I adore the ui and ux.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity.
I love testing and I have tested this website. It has been a great experience being here.

Testing tasks have been performed including:

Faucet = Success/Done
Bridge USDC/xUSDC = Success/Done

I like the design of this platform looks very good, just need to improve the stabilization of the UI to run smoothly, and one more to improve the accuracy of realtime settlement of transactions that are executed smoothly, because from my experimental experience this time I had to try several times until finally I managed to try one after another new transactions successfully recorded in the transaction recording history.

So, these are my conclusions:

  1. Functionality: every feature works well & ALL is Good !
  2. Appearance: simple, nice color combination. I like the simplicity of this app. It’s easy to understand and operate.
  3. Transactions: The transaction process is relatively fast and easy to use even for beginners.

This project looks very interesting. I am interested, and I will support this project until it succeeds according to the plan that has been set.

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