Suggestions and feedback for UI website Alex Lab

My first impression after doing some testing on the website was quite satisfactory. a minimalist but very detailed website design has its own impression. However, there are a few things that caught my attention.

first, the Desktop version view.
I think this needs to be fixed to make it better. the layout of the chart, orderbook, and open entry needs to be changed.

you can see the picture below. this is the layout i recommend. big changes seen in the orderbook and charts. the chart view is wider, and it gives the user a better experience.

second, display the mobile browser. it’s good enough, but for some reason for the mobile display there is no chart. should be either desktop or mobile charts should always be there. so my suggestion for mobile view, you can add chart. I see there is an empty space that can be used.

third, dark and light mode.
During my testing, I didn’t find any settings for dark and light. it’s actually a small detail that matters.

and those are some suggestions from me this time. maybe it can be your consideration in developing a better platform.

Thank You.

Thanks for the feedback. We will look into the details.