Swap, change of slippage tolerance, add notify - suggestion & survey

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It seems that I have no luck with Swaps today.
Out of 5 attempts, 4 ended with an error.

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The notification on explorer.stacks.co is this: This transaction would have succeeded, but was undone by the post-condition provided.
Transaction not found - Stacks Explorer by Hiro

Each of the failed swaps had an changed Slippage tolerance.

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The first, viewed from below, was set to 1%, the second to 1.5%, the third to 2% and the fourth to 3%.

In the last, fifth successful swap, I left the Slippage tolerance at the recommended level of 4%.
And so I think it may be worth adding a message when modifying (lowering) the Slippage tolerance, that this may cause the swap to terminate with an error and ultimately fail to swap the cryptocurrency.


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Thank you :slight_smile:

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I also had a lot of similar difficulties. However, after a while, it was resolved quickly, and all functions worked well. It seems to be a pretty well-crafted protocol.

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The slippage percentage is highly connected with the liquidity of the token pairs.
although 4% is a default value, it could not guarantee a high success rate for swap transactions.
Even 50% slippage could not guarantee in some extreme cases.
So it would be very hard for ALEX to implement a proper notice.

I understand, but perhaps at least such a general notification that a change/reduction of % on slippage tolerance may involve an inability to execute a swap :thinking:
Thanks for your answer :+1: