Swaps, slippage tolerance and some failures

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I did eight swaps. Most of them were successful, except for two of them.
I also used the ‘Customize’ option in ‘Slippage tolerance’ during testing.
The first two I did at the standard setting of 4%. These swaps were done.
For the next two, I lowered the ‘Slippage tolerance’ to 2%. And these were also executed successfully.
The problem occurred when I lowered the ‘Slippage tolerance’ to 1%. These swaps ended with an error.
The last positive swap I made with the standard ‘Slippage tolerance’ setting of 4%.

Browser: Google Chrome: 104.0.5112.102 version



Link to explorer.testnet: (failed swaps)

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This is for the ALEX Orderbook test only, swap, staking and yield farming features are LIVE now on main net.

Thanks for your feedback.