Test net feeedback

Description : I have completed several transactions in the orderbook but if I choose the existing price of sale or buy order it does not automatically fill the order , it creates a new order iostead .

my adddress : SP13H831AYFZWGHZBEGK2E2EA8MB09YTXZJ72A44J

Thanks for reporting, we will take a look into the details.

All transactions go with no problem, and work real fast compared to stride testnet which I did a month ago.(Stride used to have many problems, but now working well though. )
You guys did great work, no problems using your Alex testnet.
Awesome work.

stacks address; ST35QZZXQ0YF25JBB07RAJ53QB204KVEFJG5105CG
discord ID; evepub #0873

I have performed multiple transactions. There were no major problems, but sometimes market transactions were carried out late. Also, there were several errors in deposit. However, it was fast and quite easy to use. This was a good experience.

stacks address; SP1T01CG8K893GCFVBN10T3AYYBEPPKP8WENV3SW9(mainet)