Testing Bridge Feedback and Little Suggestions

I tried the bridge from stacks to sepolia takes 2 hours and from sepolia to stacks takes about 40 minutes - 1 hour faster. From the start, I didn’t find any errors from bridge transactions. Only found error 3x on the web
"Oops! Something went wrong.

[Network] Failed to fetch


But waiting for a while is back to normal.
For the current UI suggestions it’s good but for me I prefer something simpler.
Kind regards

Stacks address: {ST3DB8NSZA3H4BTPQJ6V1N7PBD7YP0TMP06B9PG4B}
Sepolia address: {0xAA4271c3cC6f7Bb6Fe5E96b84352d510d79DaDEd}

Gmail: fahmiaov@gmail.com
Discord: [EMP] Ur#5995
Telegram: @fahmiur
Stacks Address Mainnet: {SP3DB8NSZA3H4BTPQJ6V1N7PBD7YP0TMP04X29VXV}

*Screenshot1 (Success Transaction)