Testnet Bridge experience

My experience with the testnet bridge went extremely well. The setup was very clean and didn’t require much effort. I was able to transfer sUSDT to my metamask and bridged the tokens back over without any issues. It took about 20 minutes bridging out from my Xverse wallet, but the time it took to bridge the sUSDT was almost instantaneous. Although this isn’t an issue for me, I’m sure that the team will work with Stacks on speeding up the transactions in the future. I will continue pushing multiple transactions through to see if I can cause any errors in overlapping requests, but so far everything works as intended.

ETH SEPOLIA Address: {0x0ef004C406374Cda5115422a218c45f4b22Cf290}

Discord: {kmj0015#7326}
Twitter: {@Dmoveo - (https://twitter.com/Dmoveo)}