Testnet feedback and a small suggestion!

First of all, I used all tabs, all parities and all functions of the application.

There were times when I encountered error screens in Pool and Orderbook sections. Especially the Orderbook section cannot be entered at all and I think it is not active at the moment and therefore cannot be entered.

As for the bridge part, which is the main issue, the bridge transactions from Sepolia are reasonably fast, but I think it is long for the reverse transactions to exceed 1 hour. It would be much better to reduce this to 30 minutes at most.

I haven’t encountered any errors while using the bridge, but I may have a small suggestion about the interface. It would be really great if it could be made more clear which network is being sent from which network to which network, or if it could be made more clear by adding color to the font or changing the font locations so that everything is more understandable when the bridging operations from Sepolia or the other side appear in the past operations section. Because everything else looks very professional-understandable and simple. Everything is really great, I think only this part is suitable for change.

Thank you for this beautiful experience.

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