Testnet Feedback and bug report

Hello all tester and developer also we not forgeting the community as a support the Alex project!
here I will share about my experiences trying Alex Trade and swap in a website of https://app.testnet.alexlab.co/ ! okay here we go , First I try the swap STX>ALEX, xUSD>STX and etc , need 10-20 munites to landing or had a change to my wallet and balance update , I things is little bit slow if we talk about the speed of swap , second I try Depostie before I do a trade transaction execution both trade and swap is little bit slow but still better speed of swap I things and I feels , Third we talk about UI/UX design is more awesome blend color is not bad , honestly is pretty cool and dope af also elegant looks like luxurious website for sure .
Thankyou this is a little explaining about my exp trying the alex test
If I have bad talks or mistake in my review forgive me as a Human :smiley:
My Tester Address : ST3W1ZA50R77VR3XSHCD0X5S31V136WVTCEKHHAWZ
My Mainnet Address : SP3W1ZA50R77VR3XSHCD0X5S31V136WVTCERQN6DD

The swap and deposit transactions need to be confirmed on stacks blockchain, which is approximately 10 min.
Thanks for your feedback