Testnet Feedback and Experience Using Site

I have been playing with the app from more than a day now, performed few swaps, deposit withdraw etc. and below is my honest feedback. I will try to comeback and update my feedback based on further interaction with app.

Some Positives Vibes first-

1… The funds deposit from wallet to site was super quick!
3. The swapping process more than 3-5 minute.
4. The slider to select your asset amount to swap is a cool feature.
5. Coloring scheme is neat. Text, font is great, no complains. Everything matches with ZKSwap purple color scheme. Overall look and feel for UI is beautiful.

Recommended Improvements -

  1. The keyboard to reenter the password showed up after few tries

  2. On Markets tab, the Search box does not filter the securities as we are typing until we click “Search”. This would be a desirable feature for ease of use for users. Auto filtering should be implemented.

  3. On Swaps tab, the searching of token does not work at all. A fix is required here with auto filtering as we type is also recommended. we can only swap by selecting for the list, not be searching.

  4. I recommend to add more languages under settings, starting with major languages to start with.

Hope this helps and next app iteration would incorporate some feedback.

This is for the ALEX Orderbook test only, swap, staking, and yield farming features are LIVE now on main net.
Multi-Language, we have started to implement, but it takes some time for us to deliver.

Thanks for your feedback.