Testnet Feedback/Bug

After several attempts actually when I tried it there were no problems whatsoever, everything went normally, apart from the bridge, maybe for a bridge 1-2 hours or more this is very normal, tx appears on both alex and sepoila networks.

  1. Swap : I didn’t find any problems, all the tokens listed in the swap section didn’t experience any problems, everything can be swapped smoothly

  2. Pool : try to add some coins in the pool, everything can be done, without changing anything

  3. Stake

  4. Farm

  5. Bridge : the first time I did the bridge there was an error on the transaction that didn’t appear on the hiro wallet, I tried it the second time, and then the two tx’s appeared, this took about 1-2 hours, for a testnet maybe this can be considered normal, even on the mainet a few tokens , very long to do the bridge.

for the UI display on alex it is very good, there are some people who like dark colors, especially those who work at night,

Stacks address:{SP2N63HCR7497JTRRVRB58SVMR2477CZ151ECFE96} (mainet)
Stacks address:{ST2N63HCR7497JTRRVRB58SVMR2477CZ1525D3S45} (testnet)