Testnet feedback by ayodeji owolabi

Testnet was completed successfully, I swapped from One token to another, bridged from stacks network to sepolia eth (the transaction was done at a very low speed), staked also (the fastest transaction speed i noticed, still slow a bit). In general the transaction speed was a bit slow, I know it will get better in time. I will continue testing and keep a tab on the speed as the testnet develops more.

stark network address (ST3ZP5Y1SC1F3XHY3956N9DJYKS247JT955RWQH0Q)
metamask address(0x506E0aA7AcAB68c750296A604ABa898FD2De643F)

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Test Stacks Address:

Test SepoliaEth Address:


Transactions are getting faster. The auto notification for farming is dope, love it. The bridge is not as fast as i think it should be but its faster now, that before. Kudos to the team.

Most project stop the testnet after launch but Alex is still working, Farming and stacking still works. Bridging also works too. Funds in the wallet are still liquid and transactional.


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