Testnet Feedback for all features

I have used all the features that are currently available on Alex Lab, below is my feedback and experience while using it:

All the features (Swap, pool, stake farm and bridge) that i used run smoothly according to their functions, but i encountered some few obstacles which are listed below.

  1. The orderbook is not loading. it keeps displaying “opps! something went wrong. fail to fetch”

  2. The notification bell is not easy to spot. I had to start looking for it on the app. can you make it bigger? i also believe transaction notification should start pooping up by the side of the screen close to the notification bell, by this, users will know when a transaction goes through or not.

  3. Can the swap function be more faster? I know bridging takes time but Swap shouldn’t take as much.

  4. UI/UX is dope in my opinion. I love the response time and the color combination of the app. Can the Swap, Pool, Stake, Farm, Bridge and Orderbook icon be made into something more attractive? I think they should have like a bright blue icon each.

The is the feedback i have for now, I’ll keep testing and probably provide more feedback in the future. Thank you!

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