Testnet Feedback Warp/unwarp Alex Labs 11 April 2023

great testnet a real testament to the hard work and effort of great people! the team has the perfect ability to build protocols well. I appreciate that, really appreciate it! Moreover, the web that are made are very useful and useful for the current ecosystem. this will be a big thing and I will continue to support the team to make this protocol product one of the best.
For UI Very comfortable and good looking, very convenient for new users. For UX, there were no problems that I experienced, everything went well and smoothly…

Hiro address:
Metamask address:

Garbled characters pop up when crossing chains
Oops! Something went wrong.
usdt is not supported on current chain
Error: usdt is not supported on current chain
at Ab.getErc20Contracts$ (ALEX Lab)
at SN.paramsGetter$ (ALEX Lab)

    my wallet address:STD9YM0PGDE8558HY9JEFZ388E9QAFKP1P1PC7PH