TESTNET FEEDBACK with suggestion

this my feedback after using the site

  1. All features run normally and according to their functions.

  2. I like the simplicity UI/UX ,It’s very easy to understand as well as operate.

  3. there is a delay for update balance after succesfully an order book

  4. may i know why alexlab choosing stack network? i already try using this network for several months and already try swaping token at Stackswap using stack network mainnet, and need more than 5 minutes for completing swap, the network is really slow. this why need 10-15 minutes for depositing to site, just hopping after mainnet depositing will be fast.

  5. i cant use 100% features for open an order

this my suggestion after using web

  1. for ui/ux need added light mode.
  2. maybe add more network like evm network with small fee and fast transaction.
  3. adding bridge another network for easily deposit to site

Alextest address:{ST20P8HD3ES6W5HM8TQHNQ3JQRTWA2JSE78354T20}

Deposit transactions need to be confirmed on stacks blockchain, it usually takes about 10 min to proceed.
This should align with your experiences before. Any improvements on stacks blockchain speed would help deposit transactions proceed faster.

Whereas, the ALEX Orderbook orders are matched instantly with the match engine.
The delay of update the balance is due to trades still settling, you can check the status in trade history.
Once the settling status is complete, you should be able to see your balance get refreshed.

The screenshot you provided is a bug, we will look into the details.
UIUX with a light mode, we will consider your suggestion.
For a bridge to another network, it is under dev at the moment.

Thanks for your feedback.