Testnet Feedback(xverse app not linking with metamask)

Well done to the team for making faucet readily available for the tester.

i tested with mobile device…
first thing i noticed is, i was unable to connect hiro wallet with the Alex testnet site so i switched to xverse App, the connection was fast and smooth i did almost all transactions with the xverse app connected to alex testnet site.

Then i couldn’t bridge with the xverse app, because it wasnt connecting to metamask, so i had to switched back to hiro wallet extension, i was able to connect hiro and metamask after a day interval

EVM {0X46085B433448EF08E1335D6C02AF92B8E64D0C1E}

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Connecting to MM does not need Xverse. It is 2 differents connections so if the connection to MM is not happening it depends on the Alex bridge UI and I think you just need to refresh the website page and you can connect MM to Alex bridge