Testnet incentive feedback & bug issue

This is a very great project, I like it very much, it looks attractive, very friendly to new users, but there are some things that I note to the team, the transaction process is a bit long and also, when I first bridged from the stacks chain to Sepolia it didn’t immediately appear in the order history, I guess I haven’t made a transaction and I repeated it again and it didn’t appear immediately either, It turns out that when I check it in my wallet it turns out that I have made 2x the same transaction, so please fix it immediately.
Thank you for the opportunity given to me to be a part of this project

screenshot: {


discord id : {richdo1001#2894}
Stacks address:{ST4P35W98WR7SM2S5EG6VGERBD3YYKRKQBP7DWY4}.

I have tried all the features and it worked smooth except the farming section it didnt shows my token where i can farm and add liquidity to it , and also need UI improvement
My stack test address - ST2DG64A119V3CHG82Z6P6Y79APT1BG1T386Z5KS6
My sepola address - 0x6C4141296dd2C2eFbd6e51eD9480401C92744d3C
my stack mainnet address - SP2DG64A119V3CHG82Z6P6Y79APT1BG1T38W74JPZ