Testnet Suggestion and bugs

My wallet address:

STX mainnet wallet (SP3V0TRJH5ZWE7NQ3239419VDR1ZGYHPNB9PN71ZF) wallet changed after adding network to => testnet STX wallet (ST3V0TRJH5ZWE7NQ3239419VDR1ZGYHPNBAK8FD86) which I use for testnet

evm wallet : (0x81a717a8D708c0622876a7cfFE1e8693C83Bf06f)

Feedback: the display of ui/ux is good enough not to make users bored, lots of features are presented

Specific bugs:

*The transaction history update on the web is slow, even though the wallet has been confirmed successful, so it’s confusing to use whether the transaction was successful or not

Suggestion :
*We can make the dropdown more user friendly and add features not only stable coins can be bridged