The disappearance of the Pop-Up notification when any part of the screen is touched during the ALEX Bridge Testnet


  1. Wrapped 500 sUSDT thrice, separately but at the same time in the stacks chain USDT (Sepolia Erc-20) chain.
    Execution time: 1 hour
  2. wrapped 500 USDT from Ethereum to sUSDT on stacks.
    Estimated Execution Time: 43 minutes
    Final Execution Time: 10 minutes
    On mobile, desktop mode, Once I clicked unwrap and the confirmation page popped up, showing both the cancel and confirm buttons, the pop up notification disappeared once any part of the screen is touched. Same thing happens after the transaction broadcasted page comes up. The pop up disappears at the slightest touch to the screen without one clicking the “Ok” button.

**Stacks address:{ST13PS4WAX0AVT86NG0K1KTANDEY0C83GT2QW58H6 }

In addition to this, the interface and layout is lovely. I will suggest that my suggestion above be taken into consideration.