There should be a way to see old success and failure messages

Messages like these:

I would like an option somewhere to see past messages. Especially error messages with a lot of text, I just got one and I was unable to read/understand the whole thing before it vanished. Getting to those messages, I think there are three potential spots to give access, I think 1 or 2 would be best as that is where the messages seem to originate from. I am not sure about the hamburger menu just because the rest seems unrelated (they are not account specific) perhaps it could be in the account menu instead. Or just below (fitting closer to the origin of those messages).

Option 3 in my view would be with the order history and such.

What would we call this? “system messages” I think would cover this?

I might like option four best… could look something like this:


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Very good idea, Werner :+1:
I absolutely support it :white_check_mark:
I wonder where it would be best to put it :thinking:
Maybe option #3 though, because I think it would be the most visible. Well, and most importantly, that this message should be linked to a specific order. Especially with the erroneous, rejected and canceled ones. This is what I think :slightly_smiling_face: