These are some improvised suggestions especially on the BRIDGE Sub Page

  1. On the BRIDGE body section
    a. To make it easier for users entering a numbers, add a new button with the function QUICK INPUT in the input field. For example, slide button 1-100% or button UP(+1) and DOWN(-1).
    b. Often times users move assets between blockchains where the final destination is the CEX deposit address, therefore to make things easier, Add an option to choose the destination address without need to connect the destination wallet first.
    c. To make it more practical, I suggest that both input column (from and destination) can be used instead of just 1 column (from). Also, when the switch button is clicked, value in the column ​​remain the same. Should be made to follow the position shift.
  2. In the body ORDER HISTORY section
    a. to make it easier for users to check their bridge history. Add a FILTER function by displaying 3 status options namely, processing, completed and all. Also add SORT BY function based transaction volume.
    b. I think it would be more appropriate if the indicator before the sentence “processing” was a rotating loading animation rather than just a static image icon.
    c. It is not efficient if every bridge transaction that is made need to refresh the page first so that the transaction appears in the ORDER HISTORY body, it is better if the content in the ORDER HISTORY body is made to update automatically according to the latest data, or alternatively add a new button with the UPDATE LIST function.

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