Thread: Feedback and Discussion



Tx Hash Bridge (Stacks Chain > Sepolia ETH): 0xb0a244b9d835b88096e76a7b2e802e1895d7f56036e33c335af2345c88545c9c-0

Tx Hash Bridge (Sepolia ETH > Stacks Chain): 0x217506cbd5559a372c80160731e5b51bdf06ed9b176f3a4d309e68185c6edb9d-22

I have tried the features available on

1.Bridge feature: In this phase, there is no transaction failure. Unlike the first phase which cannot do bridge from sepolia > stacks. This time the problem is still the same, namely the bridge which takes a long time… maybe it just needs a little increase in the website network. Apart from that there are no problems at all.

  1. Swap feature: Runs normally and quickly, with a standard fee
    Add/remove Liquidity features: Runs normally without errors/bugs.

3.FARM Features:Run normally by “staking for 12 Cycles”

  1. Stake Features: Unbelievably fast transactions.

If you have a same issues, comment down below ! :slight_smile: