Time of order fulfillment - current observation + suggestion

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I have noticed a definite improvement in the order fulfillment time.
In the screenshot, it took about 2 minutes, including the appearance of the asset in the Traiding account in the Orderbook
Admittedly, the watch pasted below the transaction shows the result of about 3 minutes, but this is because the screen was made with a delay of about 1 minute. But I wanted to show some factual reference to time.
The operation went very smoothly and let’s keep it that way! :+1:

Thanks :slight_smile:


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By the way, one more column would be useful in the ‘Trade History’ tab.
Next to the ‘Date’ column, the ‘Date of execution’ column.
Then it would be easier to capture these times (the start and end of the order).
I have already mentioned such a suggestion in another submission → Mini performance test on OrderBook and suggestions

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This is a good suggestion, we have to think about the complexity of UIUX and advanced function balance, but again we will take consideration of this. If I am not wrong, the Date here does reflect the server time when deals were matched and traded.

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This info. would certainly be very useful to users. I think so :thinking:
And in this case it was one of the better times :+1: