Today's PNL in the 'Trading account' section appears to be out of action

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Doing the trade on Alex Orderbook, by the way I also keep an eye on the ‘Today’s PNL’ box.
But all the time there it shows values: {~$ 0} and {0%}
No profits are visible, nor any losses. Which is rather unlikely.

Below I add screenshot of my today’s trade history.
You can see there that I bought more expensive and sold cheaper.
But you can’t see that in ‘Today’s PNL’.

Chan (@fiftyeightandeight) could you take a look at this, please? :pray:
Thanks :slight_smile:

Browser: Google Chrome (version): 107.0.5304.88



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Discord: kiashop | Sui Global#6323

Telegram: @aytan_1998

Description : I want to do the trade on Alex Orderbook, but there is an error in the trading account section as shown in the pic.:warning: ( Visit alex2… )

Hi Aytan,
but why didn’t you create a new notification instead of responding to my topic?
These are two completely different issues.
This way we are not helping our devs.

Responding to your submission, @werner.btc described the problem on Alex’s Discord:
“This is probably a problem with the dapp connected to the public test network, while the wallet is connected to the alextest network. If you log out of the dapp/website and then log back in while the wallet extension is on the alextest network, you should get the dapp on the correct network.”
Please try this solution.

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Hi @mike_bear_1 this is fixed. Would you please let me know if you see still not working? Thank you.

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HI @fiftyeightandeight again :handshake:
but here, unfortunately, we have two different topics.
Someone simply wrote back to mine by inserting their other problem.
That’s why I wanted to make sure which submission we are writing about?
Is it about Aytan’s submission and his Trading Account connection problem?
Or is it about my submission regarding ‘PNL’ statistics?

Hi @mike_bear_1 I was referring to the PNL statistics. Thank you.

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Alright @fiftyeightandeight,
I’ll test & watch this again and let you know.
Thank you Chan

Hi @fiftyeightandeight,

it looks like the PNL statistics are already working. Thank you :+1:



But I can’t verify them, due to some problems with transaction processing. I reported them in a previous submission about orders with 0xUSD price.


Open Orders with 0xUSD Price - bug
Open Orders with 0xUSD Price - bug - #2 by mike_bear_1
Open Orders with 0xUSD Price - bug - #3 by mike_bear_1


discord name: lovely#5269
Stacks address: ST27SFB32YWQ2M0NE4ZK272KE6092ABN72EH4Z9E

Everything went smooth no issues here

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Hi @mike_bear_1, we will continue monitoring PnL and please do let us know if you see any issues again.
On 0xUSD price issues, I replied and we are following up. Thank you.

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That’s ok @fiftyeightandeight
I will still be looking at PNL functions.
Many thanks