Trade history tab displays too many trades

Stacks address:{ST2SNAJHQ52N2H0DRT201N27MTY6F06R43AXDTX0Y}.
Descriptions:{Trade history tab is displaying much more trades than I have made. It seems that it displays all the trades not just mine. To my understanding this tab should show only my trades.


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I think these are your transactions. But sometimes it happens that one order in progress is divided into smaller parts.
However, the sum should match.
I have encountered such a situation before.
Take another look, please.



Yes, you are right. My order was devided in several trade transactions.


All right, Iā€™m glad we were able to clarify the issue :slightly_smiling_face:
And keep testing if you can and find the time to do so :+1:
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


I understand that the order is divided in smaler matching parts, but it is confusing when I want to see my trade history. As a trader I would like to see the whole trade I made, so I could make some calculations and analysis. But when the trade is divided into smaller parts I have to manually summ it up again to see my initial trade position. I hope I could explain this issue clearly. :slight_smile:

Yes, yes everything is clear :+1:
It seems to be a task for Developers :thinking:

check your matched orders.

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