Trading Alex Lab Tesnet

Stacks address:{ SPV2MWEN94Z34NCD3ZVE124DQ2XFCV7THM6MRBJA }

Alex Tesnet address : { STV2MWEN94Z34NCD3ZVE124DQ2XFCV7THME8BE24 }

Descriptions :

I’ve tried all the features currently available.
I like the simplicity of this app. It’s very easy to understand as well as operate.
I tried to deposit and withdraw my money and no problem at all. The transaction process is relatively fast. Next, I tried the investment feature, I didn’t find any problems in opening and closing positions. However, I think there is still a need to add more features to make it easier for users to analyze price movements and determine positions. I hope more features will be unlocked soon and I’ll be happy to try again

Thanks for the feedback. We will take it into consideration.