Transaction Error while bridging from metamask

I got this while try to bridge from metamask to my stack wallet :point_down:

“missing revert data in call exception; Transaction reverted without a reason string [ See: Error Codes ] (data=“0x”, transaction={“from”:“0x16FCEb13009BA063824bE2EdCEaDc67a2FA42EAC”,“to”:“0xBa175fDaB00e7FCF603f43bE8f68dB7f4de9f3A9”,“data”:“0x313ce567”,“accessList”:null}, error={“code”:-32000,“message”:“header not found”}, code=CALL_EXCEPTION, version=providers/5.7.2)”

Today i performed all task repeat there was a error occur during transaction i don’t know was it out of supply of a coins hope it was not a big issue everything will be manage by developers of Alex :white_check_mark::boom::100::dizzy::dizzy::dizzy: