transactions and blocking of coins

When a transaction is signed and approved, the tokens are not blocked and can be used for another transaction. As a result, only the one that receives the approval of the first will be executed.


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I think it would be helpful to have more details and show this with a concrete example, also with screenshots.


I record a video example

Well done video :+1:
Admittedly, I’m not an admin, but it seems to me that one of these transactions will eventually process with an error.
That’s what I once had a few times on mainnet, when after the first transaction, without seeing the result yet, I entered the same order a second and then a third time.
After some time, the later two processed with an error.

But we’ll see what the team handling our requests eventually think about this.


This might due to the settling of the transaction, once the settling is done, you can use the fund again.

Ok, thanks for your answer :+1: