UI Feedback 'Buy & Sell Button Switcher' and 'Slider'

Stacks address : ST2VGDE21YSVB0NM57G6S1RAA4BV0HQVR9FG19DCS

Descriptions :
I have feedback about the UI on the ALEX Lab Orderbook:

  1. What if the background of the buy and sell button switches is changed so that it shows more of ALEX Lab’s characteristics with a combination of blue and light purple gradations? Like the outline in our address section on the top side.

  2. I also have input for the slider which looks less neat because it looks like there are a few edges and looks broken. So I think it looks unsightly. I’m trying to make a slider with ALEX Lab’s signature colors. and I made the buttons more simple and looks elegant.

  3. And for the percent number that appears when we click on it, it should appear when we put the pointer on the slider button. So we don’t have to bother with having to click on it to find out what percentage of assets we use for trading.

Screenshot :

[Before Image and My Opinion]

Discord ID : BlueEyes#2499
Telegram ID : YaJiHye

Thanks for the feedback. We will take it into consideration.

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Can i ask? What is mean on your reply -4 ? Can you explain it sir? Thank you before.

that is the mark for the issue level