UI feedback (suggestions)

As talked with “HeroGamer” on Telegram, I let a couple of observations on the UI:

  • Regarding the Orderbook, everything has worked fine so far, but one thing I’ve noticed is that once an operation has been done, the quantities don’t refresh it automatically, meaning you have to reload the page (I’m using Chrome 104.0.5112.79). Even if you change between pairs.

  • The UI is very intuitive and for people that are used to buy/sell in “classical” exchanges, this is to be expected. But one thing that is annoying, it’s the thing that you have to scroll down to check if your order has been filled or not, or simply consult the trading history. This is not critical for sure, but I’m using the Orderbook on a laptop with a 1080p resolution and a screen of 14 inches. I guess this important info could be positioned more easily for quick views. I think IMHO that avoiding scrolls on this page should be a goal to achieve, so imaginative ways to solve it can arise.

The Quantity you referred to, meaning the Account Balance or something else?
If it is Account Balance, it might be due to the trade settling hasn’t been completed, you can check the trade history for status.

We have noticed the resolution problem, will get it fixed soon, thx for your suggestion.

With quantity I mean the amount that remains, once the purchase or sale operation is finished (not when it is still pending).

The remaining balance, whether it increases or decreases. It is not updated at the moment, until now I have had to refresh the page.

Have you checked the trade history if it is still displaying settling, then you need to wait until the settling complete to change the account balance

Something weird it is happening:

  • I bought some ALEX from the ALEX/xUSD pair:

order: cef6a7d974c815062e47e9ef360f38ca838116ce9f4e4a40368a1ab80f85fde4

  • Then I check the amount, and it hasn’t changed, even though the tabs “open orders” is 0 and “matched orders” reflects the operation has been done:


  • Then I go to the “Trade history” tab to check the operation, but it seems that doesn’t exist:

  • After waiting a bit, it seems that the amount has started to reflex the operation:


  • I wait a bit more to see if something changes:

  • Then after ten minutes or so I decide to refresh the page because it seems nothing is happening, and then I find a row indicating the “settling” state:

  • So let’s wait a bit more to see if the operation finishes

  • After a few minutes waiting I decide again to refresh the page, and now I can see the “success” state in the corresponding row:

  • Although the operation is not yet finished, the time shown is just a few seconds away from the “matched orders” one, but it took many minutes:


To me the current flow of an operation (buy/sell) is confusing, because:

  • there is nothing reflecting the current state of the operation until the user refreshes the page, at least for the “trade history” tab and the amounts in the “trading account” box (under the buy/sell button). Everything looks super static.
  • the reflected time set on the “matched orders” and “trade history” are a few seconds between, but it feels like a lot more time until the operation has ended.
  • as a suggestion I would add to the “bell” icon notifications to the user, of the steps that are being occurring, like “waiting for matching your order XXX”, “your order has been filled”, etc… In order keep the user informed and feel the page more dynamically.

Sorry if I’m wrong or I’m saying any stupidity :crazy_face:

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