Ui/ux feedback for alex testnet


  1. The combination of dark colors on the background makes this website look classy.
  2. the spot trading menu is like trading leverage, for future updates maybe just add the leverage trading feature as a complement.
  3. Swap feature is great.
  4. the hidden stake feature makes less careful users unable to find it.
    Suggestion: the stake feature should be around the swap feature, so everyone can see it. I hope all features that are hidden will be placed in the visible part when opening this website for the first time.

Mainnet address : {SP1DWBP0EDQQ198Y1N2ARZQFMNYKBZEJ21T8182VN}

device : Android 10

This is the test for ALEX Orderbook only, Stake feature is Live Now on mainnet.
Leverage trading will be rolled out in our future version.
Thanks for your feedback.

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