[UI/UX] General Feedback

The UI is nice and sleek, and fits well with the rest of ALEX.

One thing with the UX is the default time binning of 15m seems a bit short, maybe having that be 1 hr or 1 day would be a better default, depending on the type of trader you’d like to target. Also, if you switch the trade pair, it reverts back to the default bin width, consider keeping whatever is set by the user as that is likely the specific time scale they are interested in.

Finally, I think it’d be nice to be able to access the chart options through a right click dropdown. The entire page doesn’t fit on my laptop, and so I had to scroll around in order to find the buttons to switch to log scale. Attached is an image of my screen real estate on my laptop.

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Thanks for your feedback, we will take it into consideration.