Unwrap completed USDC sent to wrong ETH test address

Unwrap of xUSD to USDC all steps show success but USDC sent to wrong ETH test address. This was the first of all previous test transactions that showed all steps completed.
ETH Test Address: {0xd08496a1B8B2bEa375a4E9F76201107661e61bac}
Descriptions: {Unwrap of xUSD to USDC shows success in all steps but USDC sent to wrong ETH test address.}


Discord ID: {DeeList.btc#2834}
Telegram ID: {@DeeList_btc}
Browser: Brave 1.44.112

NOTE: I understand the bridge is not fully 100% operational, sharing this error in hopes that it will help solve the existing issues. Also, I double checked that this post was not a duplicate of any previous reported issues/problems. Please do not delete or remove this post.


Hi DeeList,

you are the lucky man to have caught this :+1:
With me, unfortunately, everything is still ‘In Progress’ :roll_eyes:
Congratulations :clap:


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NOTE: Other than wrong addy, correct amounts were sent/received in the completed unwraps vs many other testers reporting errors of wrong amounts received and totals mismatch.


This tx 100% - completed - correct amounts received - correct address.

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Looks and sounds great :+1:

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